postThursday, 31 May 2007

Attack of the Clones

This very special public service announcement is brought to you by Deon Malan. You have been warned.
They march towards the battleground. Their heads held high with a feeling of pride, as they glance towards the west and the setting sun. These clones are a unique army guided by a strict code of conduct. Clone soldiers for the most look and think alike, and one can always recognize them by their unique coat of arms, their pink shirts. This could be the opening paragraph of a sci-fi novel or the like, but alas it is not.

One might have noticed that I referred to pink shirts a few lines ago, just to clarify, clones call it salmon. For most people salmon is not just a bad t-shirt colour but also a fish, and that is exactly what this pink trend is, fishy. There have been many questionable trends in the last couple of decades, with some recently coming back in to fashion. These include the ever-popular trailer park special mullet, and 80’s style tights. I'll be the first to admit that those tights can look incredibly attractive on a girl, and I do like it. What pisses me off is that people are losing their individualism, and that every second person I come across looks like the fourth last one before them.

Philosophers and scientists have for years argued about the dangers of cloning, yet cloning of another form has occurred. People think that the first cloned being was a sheep, and they are not far off in believing that. There are many cloned sheep moving around us every day, and you don’t have to go far to find them either. Take a walk around your town or city and have a look. If you are not afraid, you should be, because the clones are here.

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