postTuesday, 20 May 2008

Does The Hollywood Reporter Only Employ Idiots?

Who says cost cutting and synergy don't effect the quality of journalistic output. Take a look at what this mook from the Hollywood Reporter did.

I came across this completely useless piece of box office analysis on Yahoo! that originates from The Hollywood Reporter.

Journalist Carl DiOrio tries to put the opening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in perspective by arguing that its projected opening of more than $150 million may topple the record held by Spiderman 3 of $151.1 million.

There is of course one big problem with this analysis, which DiOrio is at least smart enough to pick up on:

That would put "Skull" on course to surpass the "Spider-Man 3" opening of $151.1 million in May 2007 -- with a big asterisk, given that Spidey reached that level in three days.

Yes, Spiderman 3 did reach that level in 3 days but this isn’t the 1961 Baseball season. It is pretty standard boxoffice practice to compare 5 day grosses with 5 day grosses and opening weekend grosses with opening weekend grosses – not some crazy case of apples, oranges and asterisks.

If DiOrio was some random commentator this could be forgiven but to be a professional journalist and not even take the time to do some of that research stuff – inexcusable.

Oh but wait there is more, it’s not like this is some guy working for the KwaZulu Natal Mercury, which has other topics to focus on – this guy is working for The Hollywood Reporter, which specializes in the film trade.

And the extra research he needed to do to make his article relevant? All he had to do was go to, click all time under the boxoffice tab and then select 5 day openings. Is that all too hard for a professional journalist?

Anyway, here are the real stats that Crystal Skull has to compete with to get into the record books:

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith $172,802,507
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


Spider-Man 3


Spider-Man 2


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End $147,591,127


So Indy needs to get more than $172.8 million to become the new 5 day champ, a fete Steve Mason thinks it can accomplish.

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postSaturday, 17 May 2008

$51M-$60M Weekend for Caspian = Very Disappointing

Saturday reports place Caspian slightly better then earlier reported. With reports ranging from a $18M Friday and a $51M weekend to a $19M Friday and a $60M weekend the film looks like a major disappointment.

Some film suits are going to be having severe heart palpitations for the rest of the weekend and praying for a summer miracle.

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Has Prince Caspian Got Stage Fright?

Early Box Office reports say that the big budget fantasy sequel, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, may be off to a shaky start in the US. It looks as thought the film will only gross around $17.5 million for Friday and possibly a dismal $51M-$56M opening weekend. Is this figure holds (which is sketchy this early) it means Caspian will have fallen far short of the $75M-$80M it was expected to make with ease and even less than the $65.6M opening weekend of the first Narnia film.

With the new Indiana Jones film around the corner and the Summer being far more concentrated than the previous films December release it looks like it will be an uphill struggle for this to out gross the original. The film will probably still do big business internationally.

Iron Man on the other hand is looking to have another good hold and may be able to crack $300M during its run.

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postFriday, 16 May 2008

Spiderman 4 and 5 to be Shot Together

Cinematical are reporting that Spiderman 4 and 5 will be filmed together. Apparently screenwriter, James Vanderbilt (Zodiac), has turned in his working draft of Spidey 4 and the story arc spans over two films. Sony are interested in filming both at the same time probably to save some money and maximize profits.

If the rumours are true it will be interesting to see if Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst return or if the studio will bring in some new blood for the franchise.

Any thoughts on which villain(s) could encompass a two film story?

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postWednesday, 14 May 2008

3rd Incredible Hulk Trailer

smart_hulk_toyThe New Hulk Trailer came out with Speed Racer and The Hulk is looking better.


Superhero Hype have posted a new Incredible Hulk Trailer. I'm not sure if it's because it's low quality but the Hulk is looking much better. Now that Iron Man has come out this is the film I am most interested in seeing because unlike The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2 it is unknown if this film will be good. The uncertainty of the project, mixed with the behind the scenes drama  make me curious if this will be a slam dunk or an utter failure. Here is the newest trailer:

The shot with the Hulk and Betty sitting in what looks like a cave while it is raining (this was in the last trailer as well) is what gives me hope for this project. That shot and a few others are classic imagery from the Hulk mythology. My one big gripe is Norton turning into the Hulk while he is strapped to the bed - it looks like the scene in Scooby Doo when Scrappy turned into a monster - disappointing.

Unfortunately, this trailer came out with Speed Racer so hardly anyone will have seen it. Let's hope it's also attached to The Crystal Skull or Prince Caspian.

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postThursday, 08 May 2008

W - Oliver Stone's George Bush Movie


EW has the first look at Oliver Stone's new project, W (or dub-ya), about US president George W. Bush.

The film will undoubtedly cause controversy - since it may be released in early October during the height of the presidential campaign and Stone says it will be a ''fair, true portrait of the man,'' which is enough to give Republicans concern.

Josh Brolin will be in the title role which could make or break his floundering career, which is currently enjoying a bit of an up tick.

Look for the film to be turn out more as a comedy with Stone arguing that Bush is like a reverse Gatsby. "This movie can be funnier because Bush is funny. He's awkward and goofy and makes faces all the time." It could score at the Int.boxoffice.

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