postMonday, 15 October 2007

The Most Disgusting Short Story Ever Written

Sex can get pretty disgusting especially by yourself...Sexual taboos and gross out vomiting, now that's a crazy combination for one little story.About two years ago I read a review for Chuck Palahniuk’s Haunted, which you should probably know a little about first. Basically Haunted is a short story collection, however, instead of just arbitrarily collecting his short stories in an anthology Palahniuk has weaved them into a novel. Basically the main characters are all partaking in the same twisted writing seminar and Palahiniuk’s short stories are the work of the characters.

Anyway, the review made mention of one particular story called Guts. The reviewer broke off into a rant over how disgusting this popular Palahinuiuk story is. Anyway, I completely forgot about the review and went on with my life. Then the other day I started reading Haunted and Guts is the first short story in the collection.

This tale of taboo sexuality is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever read. I actually gagged while reading it (in fairness I was hung over). It’s an extremely well written piece of fiction and as disgusting as it is I could not stop reading. It’s starts off fluffy and lighthearted and climatically builds till your wriggling in your seat with discomfort. I was forced to finish and walked around for the rest of the day as nauseous as hell. Strangely enough I highly recommend it. Read Guts here.


Anonymous said...

well, it sounds like a fairly typical piece of jewish writing. evertying twisted and sick is passed on as taboo to be 'destroyed' and everything healthy or normal becomes a target.

The End said...

What the hell are you on? Did you even read the story? Your comment didn't even make sense. Firstly you single out the Jews like they are the only religion that has taboo's. What?

Secondly, if Jews targeted everything that was healthy and normal there would be nothing normal left and everything would be taboo. However, if everything is taboo the very concepts of taboos becomes redundent as taboos need normal things to exist.

I'm going to rule this off to you having a bad day, little sleep and unfortunately seeing the exact same rerun of Seinfeld every time you turned your TV on - instead of assuming you are the biggest retard ever.

mime fuhrer said...


you suck.

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