postThursday, 06 December 2007

Dexter to be Castrated then Shown on CBS

Studio Briefing reports that due to the writers strike various Showtime shows will be edited down from their adult cable format to be played on sibling broadcast network CBS. CBS chief Les Moonves said, "Dexter is probably the first one to go on -- with some edits. ... It fits with our crime shows."

That means no semi-nudity and overly grotesque gore scenes for the general American public. This is a creative solution (which NBC announced first) from the content starved networks, since most people do not see these shows on cable.

It will be interesting to see how this amazing show fares on broadcast. How will it's rating stack up against the other CBS hits (which are crap). Hopefully not so well that they decide to keep it in its castrated form exclusively on broadcast TV.


waapweep said...

ah love this show, he reminds me of this guy called rob scott. He feels nothing too

Rob Scott said...

Well Waapweep, if I have no feelings why did your comment make me cry?

SheBee said...

I love your site! The design is awesome, did you do it yourself?

Waapweep - what a fruit cake.

Rob Scott said...

Thanks Shebee, yes I designed it with a little help from Nim Chimpsky. And Whaapweep is indeed a very strange German flavored fruit cake. If you live in Jozi watch out - he's coming there soon.

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