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Instant Cool – Buy Blood Car – The Ultimate Christmas Gift

blood_car If you haven't heard of Blood Car you are in the majority. Let's try change that. Find out how you can watch the funniest film of 2007 here.

It was the night before Christmas – wait that’s not right. It was a week or two before Halloween and I was covering the Toronto After Dark Film Fest. It was the second day of the festival, which also happened to be the day jam packed with the most screenings. I had just sat through a nearly three-hour screening of Uwe Boll’s painfully dreadful In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (Burt Reynolds plays a medieval king- that’s how fucked this film is).

I was beyond tired and 99% sure that I was going to fall asleep during the screening of the next film. Unless, of course, the next film was something spectacular – the kind of film that drags you in and keeps you there in the moment against your will – like that crazy Dutchman from Hostel. From what I knew about the forthcoming film it did not seem like one of those movies.

It was some flick called Blood Car and at the time I thought this was an extremely lame title. Within the first few seconds of the film I was more hooked than a 14-year old girl on Zac Efron. The small budget indie is essentially a re-imagining of The Little Shop of Horrors concept but instead of a plant it’s a car.

The film is set in the not so distant future where gas prices have gone through the roof and nobody drives anymore. Then a young school teacher accidentally develops an engine that runs on blood. Being the only guy around with a working car gives him the power he has never had in his life and the question is raised, “How far will he go to keep his car running.” Here is the trailer:

The film is shock/black comedy all the way pushing the boundaries that most films wouldn’t. It’s definitely not for the conservative crowd but those of you who crack up over South Park and Family Guy will love it. If you were into Shaun of the Dead you should enjoy this.

thumbs_up The film is being independently distributed through TLA and the official website. The official website store is done through b-side, who specialize in indie movies. You can purchase the film from them for $15 plus you get a digital download free (or simply pay for a digital download for $3 or $6), so you don’t have to wait for your copy to arrive before you watch it. What are you waiting for – Pick up a copy today!

Or wait if you don’t want to spend money, here is the gift of information from The End for this Christmas. When you register with b-side they will give you a free portable download file (valued at $3). This is basically a 700mb Div-X film designed specifically for video i-pods but this is probably above the average pirate div-x quality that most Varsity students are used to. Use your free download to get Blood Car and end your miserable year off with a screening of the funniest film of 2007.

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