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Review: Save Buckets

Save Buckets - apparently they are endangered.For all those South Africans living in the UK looking to save a couple of bucks take a look at Save Buckets a price comparison site.

In this day and age of affiliate marketing sites are popping up left, right and center trying to direct traffic to other sites to make sales. Some even go so far as to give you the option of multiple sites at the same time. I’m sure there are some people that will have their 2 cents worth of negative opinions about sites such as this but I for one think they are fantastic. To simply be able to go to one location and compare prices saves a hell of a lot of time.

Save Buckets has a simple layout, which allows for easy navigation. They also do not throw thousands of prices at you from every angle like some similar sites, which means you are not overwhelmed by a barrage of numbers.

Plus, they have a feature called ‘My Price’ where you can tell them how much you are willing to spend on an item and they will email you the moment it becomes available within your price range. So go on try get an iPod Touch for £20, you never know maybe one day in 2 years you’ll get an email informing you. Anyway speaking of the iPod Touch I ran a search on Save Bucks and they returned some good results (about £30 cheaper than the regular price).

My only problem with the service is that it seems like everything is getting done manually. For instance the search for 8GB iPod Touch revealed one link to an iPod Touch that contained 13 different prices but there were also a few individual results that did not merge with that one. It would be better if all the prices for one item were listed on one page.

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