postFriday, 25 January 2008

Marvel Superheros Back in Action

The Thor Movei is now officially back on track with Marvel signing an interim deal with the WGA Marvel Studios have signed an interim deal with the Writer Guild of America, which means they will be able to begin hiring writers to work on their projects effective immediately. Marvel are launching their first two film productions (Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk) this summer (US). With Thor, Captain America, Ant-Man and The Avengers in development.

This means that Marvel will have the upper hand for the 2009/2010 film years. This will put a lot of pressure on the other studios to end the strike. Warner Bros. has already had to postpone it's Justice League movie.

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Garg the Unzola said...

Ooooooh yeah!! THOR! I can't wait. I wonder who would play Thor though? Surely not one of the skinny, emo Hollywood brats.

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