postThursday, 21 February 2008

I am Going to Kill Microsoft Office 2007

Kill_Microsoft_Office_2007Anyone who's used Office 2007 by now knows that it's a wide load of unnecessary features (think ridiculously slow word processor). The best bit is that Vista comes with a 2 month trial for this piece of crap. After your two months are over you may notice that all your word documents have been saved in the new .docx format. Which means the only way you can open and edit your documents is to purchase the new Office 2007. Insert frustration here.

Luckily there is Docx2Rtf, a free converter which will change your documents back. Jack Lewis the software's creator is a narcissist and wants everyone who uses his software to tell him what they think of his software. Well Mr. Lewis you and your software fucking rock! Thank you God for Jack Lewis.


Anonymous said...

actually u dont need to download that converter..

lets say u got the 07 yea, and yer sending it to a non-2007 word.

all u gotta do is click "save as" and save it as "97-2003 document"..
then its gona be compatible to all. :)

Monkey Boy said...

Rey, I figured you would have given me a little more credit then that.

What you are saying only works if you have a functioning version of Office 07. If your trial has expired they only let you open the document and print it - but you cannot save it or edit it.

Obviously what your saying is th eright thing to do before your trial expires but a lot of people don't realize they're saving everything in a new format until it is to late.

Also it reverts to the .docx format every time so if you are off the ball you forget about it and end up with a few sleeper .docx files. I'm sure there is a way to make it save in 97-2003 as the default but hey I was too lazy to work it out for a two month trial.

Point is if you're in my situation you do need to download that converter, or you could try but they always emailed me blank documents.

Anonymous said...

no worries mate!
fair enough.. heheh

Anonymous said...

actually you can download the 2007 reader which lets you open and read 2007 format files ... then copy and paste into 2003 and save ... I was doing this until I upgraded ...

Monkey Boy said...

Actually the easiest way if you are using a lower version of word is to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. But if you are using something else like open office or Star Office you can use the converter mentioned above.

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