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James Blunt Toughens Up

Sick of losing record sales because people think James Blunt is a sissy boy, his label have launched an evil plan to fool the masculine-macho man into buying his albums.

I'm not much of a James Blunt fan. I don't have the bursting red-eye, steaming ears, hyperventilating kind of contempt that some people have for him. But I definitely don't think he's the best musician to walk the earth since men started to walk like Deon Malan does.

This is probably why I only saw his new album cover today. Obviously after his first album came out there was a lot of criticism of Blunt being a she-man. Thus, he grew some facial hair and told stories about the army. It seems his record agency didn't think this was enough and decided to make use of some subliminal mind control techniques to load the singers image with some hulking testosterone.

Here is the singers latest album cover paired with another image from pop culture.


Notice any similarities? Of course you do. And in case you are blind and couldn't work it out the man on the right is none other than the punch line that is now the Red-Blooded conservative male - Chuck Norris.


Yes, it appears that to make Blunt appear tougher and thus appeal to left handed red-necks his record company have tried to sculpt his image to resemble that of Norris.

This is of course another instance of people trying to cash in on Norris's recent satirical fame, which is pretty much coming to an end. However, this stunt is nowhere near as shameful as Republican presidential contender Mike "Fuck evolution, fuck it up its stupid ass" Huckabee's use of Norris in his campaign. See the video below.

If only Huckabee had the political finesse of his running mate Stephen Colbert. Then maybe he'd get a few votes.

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You so have to go to Morph Thing to create your own Blunt-Norris image. LOL!

P.S. I still think James Blunt is a my cup of tea ;P

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