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Band of the Week: The Notwist

If you're thinking The Notwist are band of the week, your right.It’s time to throw out your old 90’s pop records and embrace something new by reading a little section called Band of the Week (where I tell you what you should be listening to).

The Notwist started out as a sub-par punk band in Germany in 1989, but they have slowly evolved into an awesome alternative electronic outfit ala Autechre and Radiohead.

Neon Golden, released in 2003, is an indie-electronica treat. It boasts layered harmonies and great beats.

Album Rating:

Great Tracks: Check out “Consequence” and “One with the Freaks”.
And do yourself a favour and get hold of “Neon Golden” by any means necessary.

Hear Some Shit: Check out there myspace page.

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