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Why Christians are Closed-Minded

Ever ran into a brick wall? Then you might understand what its like arguing against a fanatical Christian. Here’s why…
“Knowledge is Evil, they both grew on the same tree” – Roland Barthes

As far as openings go, the Bible takes the cake. After babbling on about seven days it introduces us to Adam and Eve, a lovely naked couple that spent their days frolicking in the Garden of Eden. The garden was a paradise stocked with more food and talking animals than the entire Disney catalogue.

There was only one catch. Adam and Eve were forbidden from eating the fruit of the apple tree. Apparently God wasn’t such a fan of the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Then one day a serpent (or a penis if you’re a Freudian) came along and tempted Eve to try the apple.

We all know what happens next: Eve convinces Adam to partake in the orgy and bite into that luscious apple. Then the two of them have second thoughts about being nudists and model leaf attire. God returns, and most likely upset that there is no longer nudity in the Garden of Eden, banishes the two delinquents for disobeying him.

Yes, it’s a simple tale but at the same time a very complex one. There are many negative lessons that can be learned from it, such as racism (think fat inbred KKK members) and sexism (think Jacob Zuma). But the most important discovery to be made within the mythology of the tale is the answer to that age-old question, “Why the hell are Christians so closed-minded?” Note, before filling this post with hateful comments this article is mainly aimed at fanatical Christians.

The answer, “Christians are closed-minded because that’s what their religion teaches them.” Adam and Eve were not forbidden from eating from the tree of murder, or the tree of lust, anger, malice, child molestation, smoking, carbohydrates. No they were forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge. From day one the rules are spelt out, if you want to be with God you must be ignorant. You must be unquestioning. And you must be naked (metaphorically).

If you choose to disregard this you will be banished forever. Christians are closed-minded because that is the 1st lesson the book offers. Yes, I’m sure later on the Bible contradicts itself and says knowledge is important, but the point is, in a world were people often stop reading after a couple of pages, the Bibles first lesson is that knowledge is evil.


Antowan said...


I can understand the questioning, but be careful to think you have all the answers. I am a Christian and don't have all the answers either. Your slant in this article cannot help anybody asside from those who like to sound witty and clever to feel good about themselves. Criticism is good and groovy, but be careful not to over extend yourself. Look at all things critically. There are always more than one way to look at things. People tend to "want" a certain outcome and slant their investigation to get there. Many things in the Bible doesn't make sense. I am also just looking. But keep the sarcasm out of it and ask solid questions and look for the answers. Often there are explenations. Happy hunting! :o)

Rob Scott said...

Trust me Antowan, I definitely don't think I have all the answers. I wrote this little piece mainly to express a question that I've heard been asked a lot lately, being: "Why are Christians so close minded?" Of course this is mainly aimed at fanatical Christians.

The main point of this blog is to add points of view or insights that are different and I think that's what's been achieved. If controversy starts conversation and thought it's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, never thought of it like that.

Stephen said...

Closed-minded, not close.

Rob Scott said...

Thanks for the heads up. Must... stop ...drinking...

Valentin said...

Well-well ..
I`m born christian, wear David`s cross, belive in reincarnation as sure thing and, as "religion", agnostic .

You are making 2 mistakes.

First, religious fanatics are closed-minds. All of them. From any religion. Any kind of fanatic is closed mind.

Second, you are wrong about the tree. THAT tree, knowledge tree, they (Adam and Eve) should not touch. I gonna explain you right away why.

The God`s intention was to use fruits of that tree for a certain purpose. He then need a certain quantity. The resulted product of named above "purpose" was to be a surprise gift for Adam and Eve, on next Gad`s birthday celebration.

Anybody remember the "IN VINO, VERITAS !"
While "veritas" mean truth, can be adapted to be wisdom.

God planed to make some wine from those fruits, but he need a certain quantity, which was not anymore valable while those 2 eated one fruit.

Natural, he become mad `n` angry. They spoiled his surprise for them.

Anybody feel I missinterpret ?

LOL ! look in same novel , later chapter, God never had again the required quantity to make wine ... proved by the fact that God`s son, later, was forced to transform water in wine ...

Rob Scott said...

That's pure genius, Valentin. Really should have put it all together. My father's an alcoholic as was his father before etc... why wouldn't the first father be one. And we all know alcoholics hate to drink alone.

Valentin said...


Let`s put the thing another way.

Christians fanatics, but not only them, consider alcohol abuse as a sin.

But SON OF GOD himself make more alcohol (wine) for people to enjoy ...

Even more :

I didn`t see any religios organization to protest against alcohol commercials. But they protest against cigarettes. So, smoking is sin (something wich easyly can be harmless toward others), bit alcohol is ok (wich use - abuse allways lead to violence toward others).


--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

Okay, I know this post is months old but I really had to comment. Let's drop the Bible for a moment and look at the REAL history. First, I think the atrocities associated with colonialism and slavery really support Rob's argument. If you can somehow rationalize pillaging entire generations of people, steal their land, kill their cultures, or sell them like pets because it's in the name of Jesus, somehow the words "ignorant," "cruel","sadistic", and definitely "closed-minded" come to mind. This is obviously representative of FUNDAMENTALIST beliefs, so I don't want to lump all Christians into the same boat. However, the list does go on for Christian intolerance: pro-life yahoos, the irrelevant arguments against gay marriage, and how sex toy shops are apparently ILLEGAL in certain states is really quite telling of the Christian right...

The End said...

Hey Bamboo, it's never too late to comment here. Quite surprised you found this post. I guess that means the flash preview at the top of the page is working?

Wogan May said...

I ... wow ... okay, you have a whole lot of points there.

I don't think the apple was the key to the whole story. It was the fact that God told them not to eat it, and then they disobeyed.

It was that disobedience that was core to the issue. There were millions of things Adam and Eve could do, save for that tree, but they disobeyed. And not only that, but they disobeyed with an attitude of "We can become greater than God".

So that would be disobedience and idolatry (since they honored themselves above God) all in one. Two of the biggest no-no's ever.

Then let's throw in greed, since they WANTED to be greater than God. How about Pride? They believed they could rise above Him.

Lust? How about power-lust? Since that was snake/Satan/penis' main punchline. This apple thingy will make you powerful.

Suddenly that apple's not so innocent.

There were many more forces than just Knowledge around that apple, Rob. In fact, it probably wasn't about the apple at all :)

~ Wogan

Rob Scott said...

Hey Wogan

Thanks for the reply. I'm sure you are right - It was a whole alpha male testosterone type of power play.

But as we've all heard a million times, "God has a plan". He is after all omnipotent. Thus, it would be highly illogical to take any action of his as insignificant.

That is why we can look at every detail and dissect it. A mere mortal would obviously have holes and inconsistencies in every task he fulfills. But divine perfection - no it is safe to say that every detail would have its place.

God could have forbidden oranges, pears, marijuana, coca leaves... anything. But he chose the fruit of knowledge.

So Wogan you are left with three options. 1) God is not omnipotent, 2) God did not want Adam and Eve to have knowledge 3) The Bible is a lie and does not actually represent the word of God. Which one do you choose?

Anonymous said...

I am NOT a xtian. However, I found this and feel the need to comment.

I DO believe that G-d is omnipotent. He knows that if you take path A it will lead you to point 1, path B will take you to point 2. I believe that he also allows for paths to crossroad so that you can go back on the path that He has set out for you to reach your full potential. He knows where we should be, the choices we have and gives us free will to do so~but also the opportunity to correct ourselves and do what is best for us.

He didn't want a bunch of puppets.

But the whole water to wine thing is just a magic trick done by a successful charlatan.

It's amazing to me how xtians have reworded the first part of their bible to force things to fit the second part and still end up with a bunch of inconsistencies!

One thing that NO xtian can answer is when you ask if they feel that G0d breaks promises and rules.

If they do say that He doesn't, ask why they follow say, the one blurb about men not laying with animals but don't follow dietary laws, or the one about not praying through statues or graven images! That always pisses them off!

Kyle said...

Until I have a higher understand that can 100% prove it here is what I say about the bible and it's contradictions.

"Garbage in Garbage out". LOL End.

Oh and religous people are not the only ones on this planet that get fantical.

*Insert George Bush and Al Gore here*

*Insert enviromental wolves in sheep clothing here*.
*Insert video game fanboys here*

Kyle said...

I sometimes wonder if Jesusever got in trouble in heaven for teaching people to think for themselves after he died in the cross which is why he stayed on earth for XX amount of time. :(

$ song $

$Jesus Christ The Black sheep of Heaven Do you have any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir 3 bags full$

He might have figured "Well if I am stuck here I might as well perform miracles to those who are fully capable of believing in me"

Anonymous said...

Kyle you are the biggest chode ever. Your attempt at humor was poor, unoriginal, and boring. I think you posted that just to ammuse yourself, you embarrassment. I really don't like you. I'm talkin' at all. You suck Kyle.

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