postTuesday, 11 September 2007

The First Iron Man Trailer

A link to the first Iron Man teaser trailer plus some really lame commentary.The Iron Man trailer is out (watch it) and to be perfectly honest I am disappointed. Luckily, the problems with the trailer stem from the editing and not what is shown from the actual film.

The visuals look great and from what I can see of Downey’s performance he’ll be a great asshole industrialist. However, it looks like they got some half-assed commercial director to throw the thing together. It’s lacking intensity and urgency. Since this is the first independently produced Marvel movie maybe they couldn’t afford to throw money at the big trailer producers. Look at the guys that Sony got to do the Ghost Rider trailer. Ghost Rider was a piece of crap but the trailer made it look amazing. Hopefully Marvel throws some quality cash at the next trailer.

Also what the hell is Jeff Bridges climbing up? Is it the Iron Man armor or a really small Ultimo? Or maybe just a ladder? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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