postWednesday, 19 September 2007

Get Free Traffic for Your Blog

Tired of only your mom and your cat visiting your blog? Okay my cat doesn’t really visit my blog but I hold it up to the screen while I visit my blog. Anyway, now there is a free service to increase your blog traffic.Lets face it generating traffic for your blog is important but it’s also a pain in the ass. However, now there is a new service that claims to get traffic to your blog hassle free (and also for free). It’s called Blog Rush and in theory it sounds like it could work.

It works on a basic pyramid scheme type system. You place a Blog Rush widget on your site. The Blog Rush widget is basically a big box that generates links to posts from your feed. Most traffic exchange ideas, such as Links2Blogs, only give you a click credit when someone clicks on one of these links on your blog. Blog Rush gives you a click credit every time your blog is loaded so you’ll benefit immediately people start visiting your page. In addition every time you refer someone they generate click credits for you.

Another bonus is you cannot pay for extra ads or prominence on the list so everyone is equal. The service also has a filter to make sure that only posts in your blog category are displayed in your blog (I’ve already read about 10 posts from our Blog Rush widget that sparked my interest). You can also exclude specific blogs or keywords from your widget. For instance if you want no posts from you block it and presto, no posts from there are displayed. Or if you do not want to have any posts about Ryan Seacrest in your widget just enter his name in the keyword filter.

Blog Rush launched on 14 September and has promised to keep out the spammers. Watch the introductory video at Blog Rush for a more in-depth explanation. We’re currently testing this service out here at The End so if you are unsure about it come back in a couple of weeks to see what we think of it.


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

Mishi said...

Well there certainly are new ways to online marketing nowadays. There are free traffic sites really work if you know how to work them. Thanks for this though, I'll check it out. :)

The End said...

Definitely check it out Mishi,It works. Not in some exponential crazy rush but our traffic has steadily grown since we started using it.

Traffic Exchange Exposed said...

Hey, I liked you blog - Great job!

I am user of BlogRush as well.

Take Care,

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