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The Gigantic Adsense Glitch

There’s a glitch in the Adsense matrix and it’s not deja vu. OK it’s not in the Adsense matrix but it is a general glitch with the whole Adsense concept, which can be used to maximize your revenue.

It just occurred to me and I may be wrong because I haven’t read the Adwords policy but I think I’ve found a gigantic glitch in the system.

Adsense work on a per-a-click basis, thus Google only charges you when someone clicks on you ad. Now this works out great for the majority of products trying to make sales online or trying to get people to come to their website to get information. But what about products that do not need clicks to get their advertising across?

I was surfing the web and I saw an ad for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and I thought to myself, “that ads made it’s whole sale to me upfront whether I click on it or not.” This is obviously the case with all ads for films and similar products.

Point being if you are trying to make the most out of your Adwords or any other per-click-advertising service, pick up a print publication and see what works there. Try and deign an ad that advertises the product without being clicked. Pretend you are designing a street poster or an ad for a bulletin where people will walk past it and only think about the product at a later date. Thus, you are getting value from your ad weather it is clicked or not.

This brings up another point always try get a domain that’s easy to remember. Then don’t forget to put this domain on your ad clearly. There have been many times I’ve seen an ad on this site and been interested, but of course you are not allowed to click your own ads. However, if the url is in the ad you can easily type it out.

To Sum up:

  • Make sure your ad makes its whole sale pre-click. Clicks are good for Google not necessarily you.
  • Have an easy to remember or catchy url and make sure that this is prominently displayed on your ad.

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