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3rd Incredible Hulk Trailer

smart_hulk_toyThe New Hulk Trailer came out with Speed Racer and The Hulk is looking better.


Superhero Hype have posted a new Incredible Hulk Trailer. I'm not sure if it's because it's low quality but the Hulk is looking much better. Now that Iron Man has come out this is the film I am most interested in seeing because unlike The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2 it is unknown if this film will be good. The uncertainty of the project, mixed with the behind the scenes drama  make me curious if this will be a slam dunk or an utter failure. Here is the newest trailer:

The shot with the Hulk and Betty sitting in what looks like a cave while it is raining (this was in the last trailer as well) is what gives me hope for this project. That shot and a few others are classic imagery from the Hulk mythology. My one big gripe is Norton turning into the Hulk while he is strapped to the bed - it looks like the scene in Scooby Doo when Scrappy turned into a monster - disappointing.

Unfortunately, this trailer came out with Speed Racer so hardly anyone will have seen it. Let's hope it's also attached to The Crystal Skull or Prince Caspian.

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