postSaturday, 17 May 2008

Has Prince Caspian Got Stage Fright?

Early Box Office reports say that the big budget fantasy sequel, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, may be off to a shaky start in the US. It looks as thought the film will only gross around $17.5 million for Friday and possibly a dismal $51M-$56M opening weekend. Is this figure holds (which is sketchy this early) it means Caspian will have fallen far short of the $75M-$80M it was expected to make with ease and even less than the $65.6M opening weekend of the first Narnia film.

With the new Indiana Jones film around the corner and the Summer being far more concentrated than the previous films December release it looks like it will be an uphill struggle for this to out gross the original. The film will probably still do big business internationally.

Iron Man on the other hand is looking to have another good hold and may be able to crack $300M during its run.

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