postThursday, 08 May 2008

W - Oliver Stone's George Bush Movie


EW has the first look at Oliver Stone's new project, W (or dub-ya), about US president George W. Bush.

The film will undoubtedly cause controversy - since it may be released in early October during the height of the presidential campaign and Stone says it will be a ''fair, true portrait of the man,'' which is enough to give Republicans concern.

Josh Brolin will be in the title role which could make or break his floundering career, which is currently enjoying a bit of an up tick.

Look for the film to be turn out more as a comedy with Stone arguing that Bush is like a reverse Gatsby. "This movie can be funnier because Bush is funny. He's awkward and goofy and makes faces all the time." It could score at the Int.boxoffice.

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