postWednesday, 23 April 2008

Bear Almost Kills Will Ferrell

In what can only be called a tragedy, "the best working bear in the business" killed his trainer. Rocky, the bear in question wrestled Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro (thus, if he had snapped months earlier he could have killed Ferrell - if Farrell hadn't used a stunt double).

Stephen Miller, 39, was participating in a training exercise with Rocky (the bear) and 3 other trainers when Rocky turned on him.

Rocky's fate is currently unknown but he'll probably be euthanized.

Stephen Colbert is bound to have something to say about this, since for years he has maintained that bears are the greatest threat to civilization.

Before you throw away your teddy bear and lose all faith in the species, click here, it may change your mind. "I can't believe he's really twisting the stick!" What is this an infomercial?

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