postMonday, 07 April 2008

Scrubs to Return for Eighth Season?

scrubs When NBC announced it's line up for next season Scrubs fans were left empty handed. Not only was the long running "smack me on the ass and call me Sally because this shit is whack" show being cancelled but due to the writers strike six of the planned episodes that were to tie up the series and end it properly were cancelled.

Fortunately the long rumoured move from NBC to ABC looks like it will actually take place. E! Onlineclaims that 16 more episodes will air. Apparently the budget has been trimmed but Zach Braff is on board.

Don't know about you but I'm stoked. You can read the full report from E! here.


nick plowman said...


*grinning like a freak*

I am stoked too!!! Scrubs has to live on...and ABC is the best American network, in my opinion....then comes NBC.

All is well, lol.


Right on! I'm a big Scrubs' fan so I'll definitely be tuning into ABC...It would be such a great disservice to all of us (the fans) if the show was abruptly pull off-air for good :p

carina said...

No one can deny the truth that they will miss the scrubs show. Scrubs made a great impact in terms of perfect comedy show to the viewers around the world.

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