postTuesday, 22 April 2008

How Low Can You Go? US Presidential Candidates on WWE Raw

John_McCaine_WWE In what can only be called a new low in American politics all three presidential candidates will deliver a taped video message, which will be played live on the WWE's Monday Night Raw.

The candidates won't just be delivering an election message but a wrestling inspired smack down. Clinton will call herself Hillrod (surprisingly not the Bosnian Sniper Dodger), Obama wants you to smell what he's cooking (I'm not sure but it smells like cheese) and McCaine says you have to beat the man (but obviously means member).

Appearing on a show that promotes sexism and homophobia but at the same time features a bunch of men sweating, moaning and grabbing each other in outfits that can only otherwise be seen at  gay pride parades or one of Deon Malan's parties, doesn't exactly generate confidence in the candidates.

Way to get the white trash vote and the rest of the world rushing off to purchase nuclear bunkers. We're fucked.

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