postSunday, 08 July 2007

And the Cameo Goes to…

You didn’t know they were making an Iron Man movie? Then you probably haven’t heard all the cameo gossip either.There has been much speculation surrounding the new Iron Man film about possible cameos. Reports have flared up that; Samuel L. Jackson will have a cameo as Nick Fury head of Shield, Hillary Swank will cameo as a shield agent, possibly The Black Widow; and finally that the movie’s director, Joe Favrea, will have a cameo as a Vegas security guard.

Favrea recently made the following announcement on his MySpace page:

Third. Cameos. I've read that Sam Jackson and Hilary Swank are Shield agents and that I myself play a Vegas security guard. There is no truth to any of these rumors.

(Well, maybe one is true.)

I personally feel if only one is true then it is the security guard cameo (although secretly I’m hoping for Jackson as Fury.) Who does everyone else feel will have the cameo?

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Anonymous said...

is that a serious question? did you not see the end of iron man, after the credits? samuel l jackson is definitely nick fury, he says it himself

Monkey Boy said...

Are you seriously retarded? Have you ever heard about this little concept called time - everything doesn't take place altogether - there's this linear process.

Maybe you should have looked at the date of the post - 8 July 2007 - almost a year before Iron Man came out and 5 months short of two years before you made you spaz comment.

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