postWednesday, 11 July 2007

Hot New Pics of Paris Touching Herself

Paris likes to clean her pool before getting naked and having sex.Oh, yes, this is how low we’ve dropped to get hits. Take a look…
Paris Hilton touching herself and almost naked.
Nope sorry we don’t stock porn.

However, it could be argued that she is indeed touching herself in this picture. Or I could have shown a picture of Paris on Larry King where she not only touched herself but everyone watching with her heart warming stories about how she read the bible to get through those tough prison nights.

One slight problem: THE WOMAN CANNOT READ. But apparently she absolutely loves the The New Testament Picture Bible: All Time Best Selling Picture Bible, and who wouldn’t (JC does have an impressive beard). Get your copy today!

Sorry to hold you up when clearly you were after a date with your knuckle children. It was for scientific research.

Well since I’ve still got a small percentage of the people who clicked on this article’s attention maybe it would be a good time to look at some statistics for Internet Porn Consumption. Yip not quite what you were after I’m sure (“That’s worse than cuddling!” I heard someone say).

OK- there was stacks of information and statistics but I won’t bore you with all the details. Basically, the consumption of porn on the Internet is huge (I couldn’t believe it either!). There are lots and lots of people looking at porn on the Internet.

If you are really keen to find out more check out this link.

2006 Search Engine Request Keyword Trends
Top Worldwide Search Requests
Keyword: “porn”
1. South Africa
2. Ireland
3. New Zealand
4. United Kingdom
5. Australia


Anonymous said...

Nice Rob!!! I want more

Rob Scott said...

U mean, "Nice Nim!!! I want more" read the byline upilltin.

Valentin said...

I`m sure Paris should stay longer behind bars ... she sure would had fun time at Pelican Bay ...

You`re right, I`m not Paris Hilton fan.


Anonymous said...

haha watch the south park episode today with Paris in it classic! Yip this post makes no sense so shut it!!

Regards Marcus

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