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Band of the Week: Dntel

Life is full of possibilities and so is this article about Dntel, read on.Jimmy Tamborello is one talented son of a bitch. He’s involved in about 2 billion music projects, and all of them are great. If you haven’t heard of Dntel you may be more familiar with Tamborello’s collaboration with Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard (The Postal Service). And if you haven’t heard of The Postal Service there is still time to make amends.

The day’s order is Life is Full of Possibilities. One of my favourite electronic albums! You’d never guess that the album was more than 7 years old and that Tamborello produces all his work from his bedroom studio. You can check out a list of his studio gear here if you are interested (if not you might be interested in visiting this link which is a doorway to the most exciting news I have ever heard).

Tamborello is a master of production and he merges graceful glitch electronica with a number of amazing guest vocalists from the indie-music scene including Ben Gibbard and Rachel Haden. Dntel have a brand new album out now called “Dumb Luck”, so go buy it.

Great Tracks: “Why I’m So Unhappy” gives the album its finest moment (specifically at 2:52 when Haden introduces the best melody I have ever heard. This track is music, and Haden has the perfect voice). “Anywhere Anyone” and “(This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan” (which, incidentally, was the first time Gibbard and Tamborello met).

Album Rating: 8/10


vrtulobjeq said...

Gee I haven't heard of them for ages.
But is Dntel a solo band ?
I'm thinkin there might be a podcast or a sample track or two of Dntel somewhere ?

nevertheless, I'll go check out your links.

I find the structure of your blog quite appealing, thanks heaps

The End said...

Thanks, we’ve been working hard on our blog’s structure and design for a while now. We basically only got everything fully up and running on Friday.

Yes Dntel is basically a solo project but we have a very loose definition for our band of the week (basically anything Nim feels like). Watch this space as we will probably add more links soon.

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