postWednesday, 21 November 2007

The Bachelor: Forrest Gimp

Forrest Gimp better known as The Bachelor's Brad WomackAccording to Chris Harrison (host of The Bachelor) the bachelor's decision not to pick a mate is what everyone is talking about in North America (I personally haven't heard anyone talking about it).

I did, however, happen to land on the season finale while channel surfing and notice that this years bachelor is a bigger gimp than usual. He talks like Forrest Gump (as does Bush). I am starting to think that the films success played apart in George W's election. I guess that's how they roll in the states.

What's more shocking than the season finale is that this sexist piece of crap is still on TV. A bunch of women fighting over one man really does nothing to further the feminist movement. You can even hear the sexist undertones in the way that show creator Mike Fleiss talks about the finale here.

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