postSaturday, 17 November 2007

Review: Smorty

Want to get paid for blogging? Try Smorty.You may have noticed our review of Pro360 a week or two ago. This was our first review for the blog advertising system Smorty. It allows you to blog for money. Basically it works in much the same way as Pay for a Post.

The first posts you have access to pay about $6 a post. The more you post the more points you earn and this gives you access to the higher paying posts. The system allows you to post your own opinion. However, the advertiser has to approve the post, so this might impair your ability to give an objective opinion, but our review of Pro360 was by no means a praising of the service and it got approved.

The Smorty service is ideal if you want to blog for money but do not get enough traffic to support the pay per a click systems such as Adsense. I can vouch for Smorty in that they paid promptly straight into my PayPal account.

One problem I have had with the service, which is not really a problem, is that there are very few post options that are relevant to this blog. Once more companies start to use Smorty to advertise on blogs this problem will resolve itself.

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