postTuesday, 13 November 2007

Spiders on Drugs

This spider is tripping.When humans get high they become promiscuous, do nothing or freak out. When spiders do it they spin some crazy ass have the following pictures of what happens to a spiders web when a spider is on drugs.First off here is the regular straight up sober spider web: A normal spiders web. Just like the one Spiderman and Mary Jane get it on in.

A spiders web on acid. Looks like Pete might have some performance problems.Then if that spider decided it was a good idea to drop some acid his web might end up looking something like this on the right.

That looks pretty groovy but what if that spider had thought, "You know what I don't really want to see giant Oranges running up the sides of buildings chasing Evan Rachel Wood. Why not try mescaline Hunter S. Thompson used to do that it would be pretty cool. "

A spiders web on mescaline. Well then the spider would end up producing a web more like this one on the left.

Ok, so I'm sure we can all agree that if Spiderman is taking on Doc Ock he should definitely rather be on acid than mescaline. You wouldn't be able to beat many super villains with that web.

Ok so the peyote is not for you. Why not rather sit back and smoke some hash.

A spiders web on hash.

 Well then the spider would manage to spin this out of his ass. 

But maybe the spider decides that drugs aren't for him. Instead he heads down to Wimpy for a nice cheese burger and caps it off with a good old cup of coffee.



This is what would happen to his web:

A spiders web on caffine. Good luck getting an errecion Spiderman.

So if any of you out there happen to be spiders stay away from the Red Bull cause that shit will fuck you up.


--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

This is so funny because i actually saw this vid on youtube with a bunch of spiders supposedly on LSD but it turned out to be a big joke in the end...he he!

arahman7 said...

I wonder how's mine looked like when I was young heading down to Wimpy for a nice cheese burger and caps it off with a good old cup of coffee?

Don't wanna be a spider no more coz with such powers come with great responsibilities, ;-)

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