postSaturday, 17 November 2007

More Spiders and Some Mice on Drugs

Animals seem to be getting high left, right and center.A big heads up to --Bamboo Blitz-- who drew my attention to this. In a previous post we showed some images of what allegedly happens to a spiders web when it is on drugs. Here is a video on the same topic. It seems to be a far more thorough investigation.

It's been on YouTube forever so you've probably already seen it. Over here is a flash app that shows the effects of drugs on the brain with the use of mice as a visual aid.

  The Explanations aren't so interesting but watching the mice act like they are on drugs should entertain you for a solid 60 seconds.

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--Bamboo Blitz-- said...

Ha ha ha! Hey, I'm glad you found the vid and thanks for the tag :D
I'll make sure to add you to my blog roll...

Keep up the sweet posts!

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