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Live Writer - Blog Like a Pro

Live writer won't turn you into an amazing writer like Charlie Kaufman but it will give you more time to work on it.Windows Live Writer will help you blog better and it's free. 
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I seriously recommend Windows Live Writer to anyone who blogs. Particularly if you are a Blogger user as this is the platform I use and have found Live Writer to be an extremely useful tool. I started using the beta version a month or two ago and found it helpful. The only problem was that if you did not have access to an FTP server you could not place images from your hard drive in your posts.

My hard drive crashed this week and after I reformatted it I began reinstalling all my programs. I went to the Live Writer website and it turns out that it is out of beta (a notification from the program would have been nice). Anyway the previously mentioned problem has been fixed and now the program will upload images straight to blogger for you.

It is an extremely powerful blogging tool. You can create your posts in Live Writer and post them to your blog when you want. The program downloads your template so you can write posts in your blog format. In addition you have a spell check, a link bank and you can create templates for posts to follow. Plus you can do different to effect to images you upload such as gaussian blur or drop shadows.

Live Writer is especially useful if you have more than one blog. You can switch blogs in seconds. Live Writer works best for those who make complicated posts that are more than just text. Try it for yourself. 

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